Road noise modelling and soundproofing design/ certification

To create a road noise acoustic certificate, I will first build a computer model of the ground contours (hills, valleys etc) around your new house site, using my GIS and environmental noise modelling software, my regional data libraries, and my local knowledge and experience.

Then I add in geo-referenced aerial photography and your supplied house site plan.

Next, I add any local roads to the computer model, in-putting the road traffic counts, road surface type, percentage of heavy traffic, speed limits etc.

From there, my software will model the expected road noise levels at your new house site.

In a next step I can calculate what soundproofing requirements will be needed to achieve your local council’s design requirements, and certify that design as a person appropriately qualified and experienced in acoustics.

This is a routine day at the office for me. I stick to small designs, with fast delivery and economical price points. Ask for me a quote; I enjoy doing this kind of computer modelling work.

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