Challenges of train noise modelling

It’s difficult to model how loud a train line will be in 10 years’ time when you don’t know how many trains and what type of train will be on the tracks, or if the tracks will be electrified.

Currently, KiwiRail’s reverse sensitivity noise guidelines advise to model to an LAeq 1hr rail noise level of 70dBA at 12m distance from the track.

With that agreed design guideline as to how loud a railway line should be modelled as, I can create a ground terrain computer simulation which will model how loud the railway noise will be at your new house site.

From there, I can specify how and certify what building design requirements will be necessary to achieve KiwiRail’s interior design noise levels.

Usual design tools will be, possibly, an extra layer of plasterboard, laminated windows and a silenced fresh-air supply.

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